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Mr Penning questioned whether the current test prepared drivers for motorway driving and also said the scheme that allows trainee instructors to give lessons is set to change.   He added that there are concerns about the use of trainee licences and the training process for instructors and as part of the work to modernise the driver-training industry this is under review.

The IAM has welcomed the move for lessons on the motorway, chief executive Simon Best said ‘this change will mean that properly supervised young drivers can learn how to drive on a motorway with somebody beside them.’

Brakes campaign director Julie Townsend said “it’s positive the government is looking at measures to reduce risk and develop skills among newly licensed drivers.  Young drivers are involved in a huge proportion of crashes that kill and seriously injure because of their inexperience coupled with the tendency of many to take risks.”

By Geraldine Ashton Green, motoring.co.uk: 13th Dec 2011 10:51:00

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