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Winter Driving Tips

Tyres should be kept in good condition and properly inflated, it is extremely important when roads are slippery and visibility poor.  Your car engine is under greater stress during the cold weather, to protect it keep your oil at the correct level.   Check your windscreen wash, don’t run out and run the risk of dangerously poor vision on dark mornings and foggy days.  Don’t use warm water to de-ice your windscreen use a proper scraper or de-icer.  Hot water from the kettle could lead to a cracked windscreen, which could be costly.  Remember anti-freeze it is essential protection for your radiator in cold weather.

Last year the snow caused tremendous problems with travelling, don’t be caught out this year, carry rescue equipment in the car throughout the winter this should include the following, high-energy food, plenty of water, a blanket and waterproof clothing, any medication you might need if you get stuck in your car for any length of time.  A fully-charged mobile phone or money for a phone box, jump leads but follow instructions in your car manual for use, a tow rope, first aid kit and a bright torch with long life or spare batteries.


By Geraldine Ashton Green, motoring.co.uk: 14th Sep 2012 10:48:00

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