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A frozen windscreen could cost you points

Ford is alerting motorists to the hazards which uncleared snow and ice can
cause on cars. Drivers risk their car, driving licence and safety by failing to
take simple steps to clear their vehicle windscreen in icy weather.

Ford is urging motorists to ‘warm up for winter’ and properly manage all
aspects of car maintenance and preparation for driving in cold and icy
conditions as the weather forecast predicts chillier days ahead.

Stuart Southgate, Ford’s automotive safety office director, said: “Being able
to clearly see where you are driving is perhaps the most obvious and basic
safety requirement for motorists. Failing to take proper care to clear
windscreens can have serious consequences not just for drivers, but for
pedestrians and other road users too.”

If motorists do not wait for the whole windscreen to clear and instead drive
with just a small ‘porthole’ of visibility ahead they can face a driving ban.

An Essex police spokesperson said: “Failing to clear your windscreen of ice or
frost constitutes careless driving, and would be punishable with points on your
licence and a fine. The exact penalty is dependent on the circumstances and
severity of the offence committed, and would be decided in a criminal court.”

Drivers who run the car engine to heat the windscreen but leave the vehicle
unattended – known as ‘frosting’ – are committing an offence if the vehicle is
left on a public highway. Although leaving a car running on a private driveway
isn’t breaking the law, it is a prime target for opportunistic thieves.

Technology offers a quicker and simpler solution. Ford developed the patented
Quickclear system 26 years ago, which uses a mesh of very thin heating wires
embedded between two layers of windscreen glass to provide rapid de-icing and

The simple push-button system clears windscreens in seconds, instantly freeing
frozen wiper blades to reduce stress on the wiper motor.

: 12th Jan 2011 00:00:00

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