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Say hello to the talking parking ticket

13/05/2013 by Daljinder Nagra


Aiming to take some of the sting out of the inevitable anger of receiving a parking ticket, a British company has developed one that politely suggests you park elsewhere in future.

Developed by FlashPark specifically for Parking Charge Notices – the tier of parking penalty for those who operate car parking on private land – the ticket gives the issuer the choice to offer first-time offenders a simple ticking off rather than a financial penalty.

The ticket, which looks similar to any other, aside from a small loudspeaker and associated wiring, is able to play a 30-second audio warning.

“The flexibility of this verbal delivery method allows issuers to be as stern or as straightforward as they see fit depending on the situation,” said developer Costas Constantinou, speaking to The Telegraph.

The ticket also warns that should there by any further contraventions, the DVLA will be contacted for the driver’s details – something that happened over 1.5 million times in 2012, raising an estimated £150 million in private parking fines.

FlashPark is hoping to develop the technology to allow motorists to leave an audio response to the landowner regarding the ticket.

Commenting on the innovation, the AA expressed some concerns: “We hope the electronics do not interfere with car electronics like remote control locking systems otherwise those that place these devices on cars may find they get more than they bargained for.”

Click below to hear the speaking parking ticket in action.

Picture: YouTube


Daljinder Nagra: 14th May 2013 15:13:00

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