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Vehicle crime by Region

Vehicle crime was higher in London in the twelve months to December 2011 than any other part of England and Wales.

Vehicle crime was higher in London in the twelve months to December 2011 than any other part of England and Wales, according to Home Office figures. As such, 104,543 offences were recorded in the capital city. These included thefts of motor vehicles, thefts from motor vehicles, aggravated vehicle taking, and interfering with motor vehicles. London was followed in the crime table by the South East with 52,917 incidents, 15,854 of which took place in the Thames Valley area. Third place went to the North West at 46,937, including 22,504 incidents in Greater Manchester alone. Yorkshire and the Humber region came fourth with 45,960 vehicle crimes. Most of these were in West Yorkshire. That brings us to the West Midlands in fifth. Here, there were 43,862 incidents mostly toward the west.

In contrast, 37,131 motorists in the East of England were victims of crime last year. This places the area sixth with Essex being the riskiest part. There were, therefore, 12,912 incidents in this county alone. The South West came seventh with 30,214 with most, specifically 10,586, around Avon and Somerset. That brings us to the East Midlands in eighth. Here there were comparatively few crimes so it tips the scales at 29,078. Most of these took place in Nottinghamshire. Wales came ninth with only 19,217 recorded crimes in the twelve months to December 2011. Most of these occurred in the south. Finally, the North East saw the least crime with 13,971 incidents. Most, specifically 6,710, occurred in Northumbria with the least in Cleveland.

When it comes to rates of crime, the story changes a little. London is still the hot spot with 13 offences per 1000 people, West Yorkshire at 11 offences per 1000 and West Midlands and South Yorkshire at 10 per 1000. In fact pretty much any large conurbation scores badly.

So where is the best place to park your car? Unsurprisingly, more rural areas score better, but the very best place to leave your car is in Dyfed & Powys, with just 2 offences per 1000 population. So next time you are in Carmarthen, Llanelli or Tenby, don’t worry, you are in one of the safest places in the UK.


By Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk
Wed, 14 Nov 2012


By Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 15th Nov 2012 13:47:00

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