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Ford Emissions Commitment

Ford Emissions Commitment

Given the worldwide attention and news coverage related to diesel emissions tests, we at Ford want to make sure our position on these key issues is clear. [Harbour Bonfield: 30th Oct 2015 11:09:00]

Harbour Bonfield Eco Drive Event 16th May 2015

Harbour Bonfield Eco Drive Event 16th May 2015

Join us for a family fun day on 16th May 2015 from 10am, plus a chance to win £100 for the best economy drive. Take an eco drive to pick a Golden Envelope for a change to win a holiday voucher plus other prizes and vouchers! [John Johnston: 12th May 2015 11:34:00]

Test Drive Our Award Winners

By completing a test drive on any Ford car powered by 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine you will qualify for an extra £500 saving on any new Ford* [: 5th Aug 2014 15:32:00]

Happy Customers at Harbour Bonfield

[Alacrify: 4th Jul 2014 15:29:00]

February Celebration Test Drive Event at Harbour Bonfield Garage

Come and test drive the award winning 1.0 ecoboost range in our February Celebration Test Drive Event. [: 10th Feb 2014 15:27:00]

Introducing Ford BlueService

[John: 14th Oct 2013 15:19:00]

Engine of the year 2013

[Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 17th Jun 2013 15:16:00]

Fixed penalty increase?

[Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 28th May 2013 15:14:00]

Talking Parking Ticket

[Daljinder Nagra: 14th May 2013 15:13:00]

Ford 1.0 ltr looks like a winner

[Daily Record: 26th Apr 2013 15:11:00]

Fuel Price Drop

[Geraldine Ashton Green: 18th Apr 2013 15:07:00]

There are over 2,000,000 potholes in the UK

Keep your car safe with a free Ford wheel alignment and suspension check. Plus a 30-point safety check and 200 free Nectar points. [John: 17th Apr 2013 15:06:00]

Trade-In values rise

[Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 25th Mar 2013 15:03:00]

Increase in the cost of Motoring proposed

[Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 11th Mar 2013 14:57:00]

Coolant concerns

[by Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 22nd Feb 2013 14:55:00]

MOT test

[: 13th Feb 2013 14:53:00]

Short sighted drivers

[Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 13th Feb 2013 14:43:00]

New 13 Registration Plates

[Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 7th Feb 2013 14:38:00]

Changes to Driving Licences

[: 17th Jan 2013 14:24:00]

New Fiesta

[By Geraldine Ashton Green, motoring.co.uk: 31st Dec 2012 14:13:00]

Listen to our Ford Winter Check Radio advert

[John: 20th Dec 2012 11:16:26]

Drink Driving

[By Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 18th Dec 2012 13:53:00]


[: 10th Dec 2012 13:51:00]

Pre reg. is not the answer.

[Motor Trade Mag: 22nd Nov 2012 13:49:00]

Car Crime

[By Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 15th Nov 2012 13:47:00]

Road Tax?

[By Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 8th Nov 2012 13:44:00]

Insurance Premium Increase looms for ‘female drivers’

[By Geraldine Ashton Green, motoring.co.uk: 6th Nov 2012 13:43:00]

Dive into the New Ford B-Max!

Check out the New Ford B-Max video... [HB: 23rd Oct 2012 13:33:00]


[Joanne Hogan, motoring.co.uk: 20th Oct 2012 13:27:00]

BBC Top Gear drive the new B-MAX

B-Max, Ford, [: 17th Oct 2012 13:25:00]

Bad Driving Habits

More than 350 people took part in our survey to find out what driving habits annoy us most! Participants were asked to give ‘driving habits’ a score from one to five based on how annoying they felt the habit was [Geraldine Ashton Green: 11th Oct 2012 11:52:00]

MOT Cheats - New MOT Certificate To Reduce Clocking

The new MOT Certificate makes it easier to spot clocked cars. Clocking is the process of rolling back vehicles' mileages to increase their values. On older cars – with mechanical odometers – this can be done by winding back old-style mechanisms. [Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 9th Oct 2012 11:50:00]

No to 80 mph speed limit

[Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 2nd Oct 2012 11:47:00]

Bogus Insurance Claims Increasing

The Association of British Insurers has revealed that 45,000 dishonest motor insurance claims were unearthed in 2011. [by Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk: 2nd Oct 2012 11:45:00]

New Ford Fiesta

Fancy getting your hands on the all-new version of Britain's best-selling car? If so you'll have to wait until early next year for the new Ford Fiesta and you'll be forking out around £10k for the entry-level model. [: 26th Sep 2012 11:06:00]

Winter Driving Tips

[By Geraldine Ashton Green, motoring.co.uk: 14th Sep 2012 10:48:00]

Cost of Motoring Soared in 2011

Over the past 12 months the average annual cost of owning and running a car has soared by 14.0% (£819) to £6,689 per annum, according to RAC’s annual Cost of Motoring Index1. This increase is almost 3 times the current inflation rate of 5.0%2 and represents yet another blow to Britain’s cash strapped motorists. [: 30th Dec 2011 11:02:00]

The New Ford Focus ST

The new Ford Focus ST likes to catch the odd ‘collar’. It likes to prowl the streets looking for trouble, then arrest and interrogate the perpetrators. [: 29th Dec 2011 11:01:00]

New Ford Focus Honoured by Euro NCAP

The new Ford Focus has received four Euro NCAP Advanced Safety Rewards for its Driver Alert and Forward Alert technologies. [Jon Sloper: 13th Dec 2011 10:59:00]

Motorway Lessons for Leaner Drivers

Road safety minister Mr Mike Penning has announced that learners will be able to take to the motorways but only in driving lessons with a qualified instructor. [By Geraldine Ashton Green, motoring.co.uk: 13th Dec 2011 10:51:00]

Smoking Ban in Cars?

[: 6th Dec 2011 10:46:00]

A frozen windscreen could cost you points

A frozen windscreen could cost you points

Ford is alerting motorists to the hazards which uncleared snow and ice can cause on cars. Drivers risk their car, driving licence and safety by failing to take simple steps to clear their vehicle windscreen in icy weather. [: 12th Jan 2011 00:00:00]

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